INTERVENE AGAINST THE FREE MARKET:   “Ireland is the poster boy, and sometimes the whipping boy, for Aspen’s heavy hand.   ‘You have to intervene (against the free market) to take care of yourselves,’ Ireland insists.”  (1/2/08  READ IT

POSSIBLE TO ID HOW SOMEONE VOTED:  “Ireland said in an interview last week that it was possible, but very difficult,  to determine how someone else voted.”   (9/17/10 Aspen Times) READ IT

SUBSIDIZE GYM RATS:  “Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland was more open to government-subsidized gym rats. ‘I don’t concur that we have an obligation never to serve (city residents) because we might compete with private business,’ Ireland said.”   (5/19/10 Aspen Daily News)   READ IT

GIFT THE GIVEN TO THE CITY:  “Coupled with fee waivers, zoning variances, TDRs and the price tag for the two lots, Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland said, ‘There are too many ornaments on the Christmas tree.’  He suggested the developer look into the tax benefits that could be realized if some or all of lot two was GIFTED to the city.”  (Aspen Daily News 1/25/11)   READ IT

AN OVERSIGHT OF THE CHARTER:  “From June 2007 to March 2009, the commission, normally appointed by the city council, didn’t exist.  Mayor Mick Ireland recently said that the absence was a simple oversight.  ‘It just never came up,’ he said.   Aspen Times 9/21/10  (If something “just never comes up,” is it ok then to ignore the Charter?”)   READ IT

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