ASPEN IS THE LAND OF THE FREE:  "What people really don't know about Aspen is Aspen is the land of the free:  free spirits, free buses, free nordic trails, free concerts, free lectures, almost free recreation center.  It's got a lot to offer and it's not that expensive if you don't want to spend money."  WATCH

MICK'S TWITTER BIO:  "My bike is worth more than my car and my skis are at a bank securing a loan.  That's what being mayor of Aspen is all about."

ON ACRA AND SKICO'S REBUKE OF THE AACP DRAFT:   “It really is the Aspen way to let the process get near the end and then get around to it,” Ireland said, referring to ACRA and SkiCo’s rebuke of the AACP draft.  (Aspen Times 1/26/11)  READ IT