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ABOUT CIRCUMCISION: In the April 25 City Council meeting, mayor Mick told the audience (live and on TV) that you can "bring your CIRCUMCISION" to the voting polls as identification.  This crass remark, in response to the city's new law requiring photo ID to vote, was made with many children in the room.

ABOUT KIDS:  In addition, at the same meeting, mayor Mick made disturbing comments about local children when discussing Family Fun Day at the Aspen Rec Center (ARC).  "Can you borrow (a kid)?  Can you pick one up on the way?" he asked.  Tim Anderson of the ARC recommended that he contact The Buddy Program, as if this esteemed mentoring program "lends" children like library books!  Mick then quipped, "Or Seth, out there," referring to the Animal Shelter, as if they have children to loan.

Most disturbing is that mayor Mick cites as his favorite hobbies "reading to young children" and "substitute teaching" at our local schools.  Does anyone think these are good ideas??

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